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What do no COVID restrictions mean?

Phew, what a rollercoaster the last few years have been! 

We’re relieved as we’re sure many of you are as well for the COVID restrictions to be lifting. As we move towards normal life pre-2020, we would like to look back at the effects the pandemic has had on the events industry and share our thoughts on what the future looks like. 

The events industry along with all public-facing industries was hit particularly hard by not only the lockdowns but also the increased health and safety procedures - where some larger events were able to create solutions (moving online, creating socially distanced events etc.), smaller events were at times unable to keep up. 

We were super lucky to be able to adapt, moving events and meetings online, creating events that were able to be carried out in person with masks and distancing in place. The pandemic pushed the team to think on the fly and in new and creative ways that without this obstacle we wouldn’t have had to. We’d like to extend our thanks to all those who have continued to support us through the pandemic.

As normality returns, we’re looking forward to the future of PomPom and have been busy researching how we can create even more amazing in-person events to make up for the time lost! The pandemic not only pushed us to problem solve but also future-proof our processes so that we’re able to shift quickly if needs be. For us, the future is looking bright and we’re looking forward to continuing to jump any hurdles it may toss our way. 

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