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About Us

PomPom was founded on a partnership that brought together the UK’s Charlotte Tollervey and New Zealand's own Natalie Rutene who have over 30 years of combined experience in the events & marketing space at an international level.

Fast forward five years and Charlotte and Natalie now lead a team of expert event doers and digital whiz’s, with bases in Wellington, Kāpiti Coast, Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

PomPom supports corporates, businesses and not-for-profits to engage their audiences with world-class events and communication management services.  

We deliver unique events and marketing that have positive impacts on client's businesses and their communities and we love doing it!

Our Story

We chatted over eggs beni’ on Charlotte’s birthday about our desire to do work that impacted our communities positively and ultimately affected change. 

We were both at a stage where we wanted more opportunities to use our skills and experience for good, as well as free ourselves up to be the “present” parents in our boys' lives that we wanted to be.

Both of us had employed roles at that point that limited our ability to achieve these outcomes and move in a direction that was fulfilling both personally and professionally. 

We clearly aren’t quiet communicators as we hadn’t been chatting for long before a mutual business contact stepped in to say “hi” and that she had overheard some of our conversation! She then went on to say she thought that partnership was a great idea for us and that she had an opportunity we could pitch for if we were keen, the catch being the proposal needed to be in her inbox by 9am the next morning!

This sparked something that day that grew into what is now PomPom - a Partnership that has flourished and is based on friendship, trust and shared worldviews! 

We did pitch for that event, we did secure it and we delivered an incredible awards programme followed by their most successful event to date and from there we decided that we wanted to use PomPom to achieve two key things:

  • Giveback and impact positive change in our world.

  • Allow us to be parents that can be available for our children.

The ride that has been PomPom is a rollercoaster - but it’s one that we are proud of and one that we could only do together!

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