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Charity work and our course participants thoughts so far!

Learn more about our work with charitable organisations!

At PomPom Events and Marketing we love working for clients that are making a positive impact on the world around us! Part of our mission statement when starting with PomPom was to get to a stage where we could provide charities with top-of-the-line event management and we’re definitely on the road to this goal. Each client we work with helps us get that little bit closer to this! 

We want to work with these charitable organisations to assist them in reaching their goals and through this contribute positively to the wider community, making it a better, safer, healthier and happier place. We strongly believe it is everyone’s responsibility to care for our environment and each other, and we love nothing more than to work with others that share this belief! 

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of helping 5 people through our new online events and marketing course for free! These wonderful people wanted to further themselves in the events industry or upskill themselves to provide for their community groups in areas that might’ve been lacking before! We love being able to support individuals in their personal and professional growth as well as see how these skills benefit the community in the long run through meaningful events! At PomPom upskilling is a core part of our every day, with the new e-learning course, this opens so many more doors and enables us to reach a wider audience! 
One of the first five people to go through our course was Pepa! When asked what originally interested her about events and the events industry she responded that it was something she had always done ever since she was small! She’s always been an organiser and loved to make plans so it’s only natural for her to slide into event management with ease, Pepa even said that events are in her blood! It’s great to see people with a passion pursuing it and working towards their goals through upskilling! We’ve loved being able to see Pepas growth and help in our own way through the course!

Following on from working alongside charitable organisations, Natalie recently had the pleasure of supporting the annual TECT community awards!

Here's their testimony to how the run sheet helped keep their event running smoothly. "PomPom created our run sheet for the TECT Community Awards and it was the most important piece of documentation throughout the event planning and on the day. It was helpful for everyone to know where they had to be and when, and knowing we were all on the same page ensured the event ran smoothly."

A wonderful event with wonderful people!

If you are a “not for profit” looking for support with event, marketing or business development services, please get in touch we can offer a discounted charity rate.


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