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A sit-down chat with Patricia!

It’s with a heavy heart that the PomPom team say goodbye to the wonderful Patricia! We took a second to sit down with her before her final sign-off to get some last words of advise.

What was your favourite event memory? 

Seeing all of the HTT producers in their element on Taste Trail day, some new, some experienced - but all loving what they do.

What can you not live without at events?

Just one thing? My phone - or a bobby pin. It's amazing what a bobby pin can do.

Where to from now?

You might see me at a local wedding or funeral as I carry on with my Celebrant and MC work and event delivery for ad-hoc events. And I am jumping on board with the family business.

How do you balance work and life?

Sleep is overrated - no it’s very important, but I am very lucky to be able to function on limited sleep - and I am very much a live a full life person. While I am always on the go I also love the opportunity to sit and read or just chill and balance out the "madness".

Any final thoughts?

It's been an awesome, diverse and rewarding 2 years of working with PomPom - connecting with new and old connections.

Thanks again for being a wonderful addition to our little whānau! We’re excited to see where life takes you!


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