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WOW is about right!

Charlotte and Natalie held their annual strategy meeting in absolute style this year by making the trip down to the coolest little capital and attending the 2023 World of Wearable Arts!

The trip was full of delicious meals, business meetings and of course, the main event, WOW. With our two founders living in different regions of the North Island, it’s always a great time when they get together. Both Charlotte and Natalie work to continue improving PomPom and these Strategy Meetings give them the chance to sit down in person and discuss the future.

Key parts of the meeting:

  • In 2024 we would like to continue to support good people doing good things in our communities. Whether that be with supporting community groups to reach their audience, fundraising targets or businesses that have a social consciousness, our focus is still firmly on helping these people reach their potential!

  • Being selective on what projects we work on and ensure they align with our values.

  • Knowing our values and where we can make the most impact.

  • Continue to cultivate a team that works towards this goal and draws on their unique strengths to provide a great work environment and ultimately outcomes for our clients!

Check out some of the great photos from their trip here:

What’s WOW?

Since it was established in 1987 WOW has embraced the worlds of art and design, running an international competition that culminates in a spectacular theatrical performance each year. The exhilarating WOW Show is a visual feast for audiences and an opportunity for designers to be recognised and celebrated on the world stage.

Check out the show here -


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