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Revising our messaging!

We’ve taken 2023 as an opportunity to sit down with the amazing Anna from ACS Marketing to review our messaging and make sure that we’re still on track after 5years in business! It’s always good to get an outside perspective from someone who isn’t apart of the PomPom team and use it as an opportunity to grow. Anna was able to look at all the amazing work we’ve done in the past few years and look at our business through a different lens and give advice with a fresh point of view! 

Read on to learn more about PomPom’s refreshed messaging!

PomPom Events & Marketing are conscious events and marketing agency working across the North Island. Our team of experts in event delivery and marketing are the cheer squad your business needs to cut through and engage with your audience.  Delivering creative solutions for events and smart marketing that connects with your target market. 

Our Vision:

The North Island's leading integrated events and marketing company delivering world-class events and communication management services. Supporting clients to create positive impacts through conscious event planning and marketing.  

Our Mission:

We are on a mission to help good people, do great things!

Supporting corporates, businesses and not-for-profits to engage their audiences with world-class event and communication management services.  Delivering quality events and marketing that have positive impacts on clients and their communities and meet their unique objectives.

Our Values: 

  • Honesty – trustworthy, reliable and loyal

  • Dedication - strong work ethic

  • Generosity - giving back and going the extra mile

  • Originality – creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

We’re so excited to see how PomPom continues to evolve and change in the future. Follow our socials to join us for the ride!

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