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Creative solutions for your business

Events and marketing is in our blood (and name!) Our mission was to create a dynamic business covering all the bases. So whether you need someone to manage your next big event, handle a targeted marketing campaign or just help tell people what you do - we can help. 

We’re proud to provide a multitude of services for all walks of life, from corporates to charities; we’re the team for you. With creative solutions and over 25 years of combined events and communications experience at an international level, whatever your project, big or small, PomPom can deliver.

Are you looking for a specific service? Check these out!

💥 Event and Project management!

We pride ourselves on being a creative organisation and are here to help you take your event to the next level. With strategic planning and a process-driven approach - we’re there to help you from start to finish!

💥 Communications & Marketing

Need help to reach your audience? Whether that is in content curation, marketing strategies or copywriting. We have many communication and marketing services to assist you and your business.

💥 Business Development

We offer a fresh perspective and are passionate about helping you grow your business and expanding your network through business development strategies, consulting or assisting you with your database - we’ve got your back!

We’d love to hear about your next event or marketing project!

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