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Delivering Conscious Events

Did you know that PomPom is a sustainable business? 

It’s something we’re super proud of but haven’t been very vocal about as it’s just something we do in our day-to-day, but after a recent chat with the folks at Kāpiti Coast NZ, we thought it would be a great idea to tell all of you!

During the interview, Charlotte says “Sustainability is incorporated into all aspects of the journey when working with us on events. Right from the beginning it is incorporated into a client’s or event’s budget and is flagged during the scoping phase to ensure it aligns with the event’s key objectives.” We work hard to make sure we consider all aspects of each and every event and how we can improve our environmental impact. This means contacting local companies, third-parties and using online platforms for ticketing and marketing opportunities. 

From its beginning PomPom’s mission has been to ‘’support good people do great things!’’. Walking hand and hand with local New Zealand based businesses and charities to achieve their objectives in a sustainable way.

Our advice for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint is, “When approaching a new piece of work or event, start the sustainability conversation early on. By flagging key areas for improvement early, you put yourself in a better position to ensure these items are budgeted for and the right consideration is given in sourcing the right solution or item to fit your purpose in the most sustainable way.”

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