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Welcome Back!

We are so excited to be back behind the wheel for another year! 2023 has some major plans in store for us and we are super stoked to be able to take you along with us for the ride.

This year sees us continuing on working alongside our current clients as well as working towards building our client portfolio with like-minded businesses looking for marketing or event support (some who are even looking for both!) With our corporate clients on the rise, we’ll be looking into even more ways that we can support local not-for-profits and charity organisations within our communities. 

We’re also taking the new year as an opportunity to refresh our socials, website and more to really encompass how PomPom has evolved over the past few years. The whole team are really looking forward to showing you the new look so keep an eye out across the board as we’ll be implementing these over the next month or so!

So here’s to the new year, a refreshed team and a whole lot of new opportunities just around the corner!

💙 The PomPom Team


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