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Work Ready Kāpiti
Case Study

Event Overview

Work Ready Kāpiti is a chartiable trust that’s all about empowering Kāpiti rangatahi aged 15 to 24 into quality employment by delivering leading initiatives and programmes that advance work force opportunities and job skills.

Work Ready Kāpiti’s aim is to empower the next generation to transition into the workforce feeling confident and prepared for employment.

PomPom has been working alongside Work Ready Kāpiti since 2019 as their Operations Manager. We’ve had the absolute joy of watching the charity evolve over the years and become the amazing influence it is today!

Operations Manager

  • Event Management

  • HR

  • Financials

  • Marketing

  • Brand & Communications Oversight

  • Programme Delivery Across All Youth Programmes

  • Sponsorship

  • Stakeholder Engagement


Year to date delivered

2019 - 2024

Attendee Numbers

114 - Work experience placements

407 - Rangatahi attended #EmployerMeet events to connect with employers

186 - completed the Kāpiti Work Ready Passport to develop their work readiness skills

Events Delivered

Five annual events


PomPom has had the opportunity to support a great charity and create wonderful opportunities throughout the Kāpiti Coast community! Work Ready Kāpiti is doing amazing work helping create important moments in these rangatahi's lives.

We’re proud to be involved with such an important moment in these rangatahi lives and look forward to continuing to support in the future.


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