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Funding for Businesses

  • Marketing Consultancy

Having run a vast number of marketing campaigns for clients, PomPom offers the service to review your current activities and put together a Marketing Plan and Comms Schedule to ensure you hit the ground running in 2021 and beyond.

This is not designed to be a high-level strategy document but an on the ground operational plan to get you delivering in this space quickly.

  • Event Consultancy

PomPom are seasoned Event Managers that can support you with your next big event. Now that events across New Zealand are back on, we are here to ensure that your next event runs on brief, on budget and on time. We can provide bespoke advice for your business and consult one on one to ensure that you are considering all key event components and not falling into common pitfalls. We can equip you with the tools and know how you need to make your next big event the success that it should be.

  • Event Manager Training

Here at PomPom Events & Marketing we are ready to share with you our knowledge, tools and top tips to work in the event and marketing space like a pro! We have a two stage approach to learning with PomPom, starting with our introductory offer and then leading into the full course as follows: How To Scope A Successful Event (Module 1 - 1 week) Event Management 101 (Module 2-6 - 5 weeks).

To find out how to enroll click the link below!


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